Liaison Multilingual Services, Inc. provides certified translation and interpretation services to US-based and international public and private corporations, individuals, government entities, political and social organizations. Translations refer to the written page while interpretations involve verbal and signing activities.

Translations and interpretations from LMS are always clear, accurate, and culturally sensitive. Our clients expect and receive precise translations and interpretations each and every time.

LMS provides medical, professional, political, academic, legal  and technical interpretation services, though we are willing and able to accommodate any field and any subject. Interpretation and transcription to a written record require specialized and highly skilled translators and interpreters.  Interpretation truly is as much an art as a technical skill. At Liaison Multilingual, we pride ourselves in our interpretation services and are confident in our ability to provide the perfect interpretation every time.

We are also proud to provide over-the-phone interpretations, eliminating the need for an interpreter to come to you. Call from anywhere and you will be connected to an interpreter in under one minute, allowing clear communication between you and your clients. As long as you have phone service or cell reception, you have a linguist with you – anywhere at any time.

Please use our eQuote Page or call 303-762-0997 to obtain a quote today for your specific interpretation and translation needs.